Abuse/DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notices

If you have received a copy of a DMCA takedown notice please be aware that it is a violation of your TOS with FlashByte to host illegal material over your account. If we have forwarded one of these notices to you it is because an IP address associated with your account has been identified in the notice we have forwarded to you.

Please be aware that hosting illegal material on a PTP (peer to peer) network like Bittorrent with your FlashByte account is inherently foolish. Every time you participate in a PTP sharing session your IP address is made available to everyone who is participating. Quite often the copyright owners monitor these seeds and keep records of all the IP addresses who are sharing their content. When you participate in PTP sharing of a product you do not own, you are not only downloading the file yourself, you are uploading the file to others as well, which makes you an illegal host of the content and subject to legal action.

FlashByte does not monitor what you are hosting, or what you are doing on your connection other than what is required to maintain our network, we only forward these notices, and we must make sure the content is taken down, and that you stop hosting illegal content or our connection to the Internet is endangered. We will never supply any more information that we are legally required to, but be aware it is very possible a court order will require us to reveal your identity to a third party who is proceeding with legal action against you. If we have forwarded you one of these notices, there is enough information for us to connect you directly to this content.

If you have gotten one of these notices, please make sure to stop hosting illegal content immediately, and if we get further notices about you hosting such content we will likely disconnect your service without warning. If this continues to happen we will permanently cancel your service for TOS violations.

If your service has already been turned off, please contact us and let us know you have removed the content and inform us that you are going to stop hosting illegal content so we can restore your service.

More information on the details of the DCMA is available at:


This is not legal advice, we are not attorneys. Please seek legal advice of your own, this is a serious matter.

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