How do I change plans/packages?

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How do I change plans/packages?

To change account types the following criteria must be met:

  • There is a $50 fee to change plans/packages.
  • The account to be changed must be current, with a zero balance, all outstanding balances and the $50 transfer fee must be paid.
  • Written (email is fine) notice of intention to change plan must be received 30 days before the change is to occur.

If I am on annual billing, can I change plans?

For annual billing customers the same criteria above applies. Also:

  • The annual billing will be converted back to monthly billing and months past, including partial months and the 30 day notice period will be subtracted from the total at the regular monthly rate for the current plan as well as the $50 transfer fee.
  • Any balance remaining will be credited to the account and will be applied to the new plan.
  • All package changes on annual billing start a new billing cycle that begins on the date the package is to be converted and discounts for the previous annual billing cycle are lost if the billing cycle was not completed.
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